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Raica Oliveira 
Isabeli Fontana 
Liisa Winkler
The Unofficial Raica Oliveira Site - a site dedicated to the Brazilian sensation, Raica 

ISABELI - an unofficial site dedicated to the Brazilian bombshell Isabeli Fontana 

Who is Liisa Winkler? - Intrigued? Get to know the Canadian beauty. 

 Zoe Hawkins 
One of the new faces in the modeling industry today is Next Agency's Zoe Hawkins. The English stunner has appeared in this year's Strenesse campaign. She has also done shoots for Nylon Magazine (an editorial entitled "Don't Fade Away", photographed by Marc Deymonaz, May 2001 issue). She'll definitely go a long way. Here's a collection of photos focusing on Zoe.  
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Mariana Island (Watch out for it!)

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As I've mentioned before, I don't own a scanner nor fashion magazines. I simply rely on contributions from my good friends on the net. When I started building my first site on Raica, what I did was to gather pictures of her on the net and I simply placed them on the site. I never really expected people to email me scans & info on the model. It was a surprise, actually, and it was also a good thing. I got to meet new friends with similar interests, and until now we still keep in touch. I would like to thank them for helping me out with my web sites.  
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